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Projection Welding – Automated Assembly

PDQ offers Projection Welding for stamped parts using a variety of weldnuts:

→ Round
→ Hex
→ Square
→ Piloted
→ Non-piloted
→ 3, 4, or 6 Projections

Specialized equipment including phase monitoring, vision system (detect orientation and nut style), custom fixtures, and gravity go / no part tracks ensure customers receive projection welded parts per print requirement.


Automated Assembly

PDQ can create an automated solution for your Assembly Requirements. Custom machines designed and built to tackle a variety of automated assembly functions. Machines may include components such as:

→ Pick N Place
→ Vibratory Bowl
→ Linear Track
→ Optical and Proximity sensor
→ Cameras
→ Tonnage Monitor

Automated assembly creates an efficient and effective method to achieve success.



Automated assembly achieves: lower piece price and improved quality metrics.

Robotic welding, projection welding, staking / swedging

How Is Your Current Supplier of Metal Stampings?

If you need to transfer progressive dies quickly, PDQ can help!

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