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Assembly and Welding

PDQ can create an automated solution for your assembly requirements. Custom machines designed and built to tackle a variety of automated assembly functions. Machines may include components such as: pick and place, vibratory bowl, linear track, optical and proximity sensors, camera, PLC, and tonnage monitor. Automated assembly creates an efficient and effective method to achieve success.

PDQ offers projection welding for stamped parts using a variety of weldnuts: round, hex, square, piloted, non-piloted having 3, 4, or 6 projections are typical. Specialized equipment including phase monitoring, vision system (detect orientation and nut style), custom fixtures, and gravity go / no part tracks ensure customers receive projection welded parts per print requirement.


PDQ Tool & Stamping Co. – Automated Assembly

A short video to complement out metal stamping capability, automated assembly achieves: lower piece price and improved quality metrics.

We will analyze and develop a packaging scheme tailored to your specified requirements.

Is Your Current Supplier of Metal Stampings Financially Sound?

If you need to transfer progressive dies quickly to avoid downtime charges, PDQ can help.

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